The Eco-Adventist Initiative (EAI) is a ministry focused on growing environmentally-conscious Seventh-day Adventist members, churches, and institutions across the globe.  

EAI's philosophy:

  1. We were created to be stewards of the earth.
    The wellbeing of the natural world is not more important than human beings, yet it still matters. There is strong Biblical evidence that we were created to live in harmony with all life around us – people, animals, and planet – and that Creation care should be something we all strive for because God gave us the responsibility to look after it (Genesis 2:15).

  2. Creation testifies of God's glory.
    Whereas the world which human beings create brings imbalance and reflects sin, the works God has created reveals His character and majesty (Romans 1:20). To glorify the Lord, we must value and preserve not just human souls, but the rest of His Creation as well.

  3. Humanity does not exist in a bubble, so neither should our Christian ministry.
    Known as the "One Health" concept, the wellbeing of people depends on the wellbeing of the animals and natural environment around us. Even the Adventist health message declares the benefits of nature to human wellbeing. To truly practice this health message, it must be a "one health" message, seeing the wellbeing of humans, animals, and planet as one package.